Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Photos and stuff from this past weekend with my kids

Some Random Photos of this past weekend with my kids.
Right before this picture was taken, they were arguing with each other and I told them
to shut their pie holes in an Angry type voice. They Immediately went to manipulation mode. They posed for this picture all sweet like, and went over the top with being loving to each other.

This photo was at the park. Instead of watching NFL Football I was playing Frisbee at the park with them.

It was just in the news today about that Beer Can looking building that the development company has not been paid by the leasor since July. The development company is suing the Leasing Company. The Tenants have evidently paid the leasing company so they might end up getting the ultimate beat down on this deal. The tenant is SYKES. they are a Call Center Company. Bet you thought all those companies were in India. Well here is one of the last remaining American Call Centers and it looks like they are going down if the leasing company is going to mess up.

This is the newly opened Children's Museum. I have not yet taken them to see it but Will do so in the next few months. In the background is an apartment building that I would love to move into, but the rent is still a little bit to steep.

The full height of the Building I want to move into.

My Boy, wearing his Tony McCoy Jersey. --- McCoy has been playing okay so far in his rookie year but he still has Zero Sacks. He needs to ramp up the pressure for the 3 and 2 Bucs.

My Eldest and my Youngest, Being Nice to each other.

My Eldest making "Cute" faces and My Boy with Googly eyes.
Some more Cuteness.
My Daughter. - True Story..... She wanted to go see the movie Social Network very badly so even though I suspected my son would not enjoy it much I decided to take them anyway (I also kind of wanted to see it, and figured I would buy the boy some popcorn and candy and he would just deal) He ended up liking it so it was a win, win, win situation.
After we parked my car in the Garage area for the Movie Place. My Daughter found a Dime on the ground. She said: "Look Daddy I FOUND A DIME" Its so much better than finding a Penny! Its kind of like finding Ten Pennies! - Its just so much more efficient to just find one Dime than to have to find Ten Pennies ! - Its true, and it made me laugh.

On Saturday we went to Three Stores to find her Halloween Costume. Finally she absolutely fell in love with this M&M costume and we got it for her. She said she is going to hang it up on her wall after Halloween so its not only a costume but its also going to be some ART!

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