Thursday, October 7, 2010

A link to Pat Dooley's Column

For a slightly different perspective then my last post, here is Pat Dooley's column from todays Gainesville Sun.
of the things he talks about in this article I am guilty of some, and not of others.
1) I do want The Florida Leadership to let Brantley do Brantley like things
2) I do NOT think its time to go in another direction at QB. Brantley is talented he is just being misused.
3) I do think Addazio is in way over his head. In 2008 he was an excellent Line Coach. but the Peter Principle is on full view here in Gatorville.
4) I do not agree with many in Gator Nation regarding moving Pouncey back to Guard. He had a BAD game snapping the ball against Miami of Ohio, and that brought the issue up to the forefront . He has had a few bad snaps here and there in the other four games, which would not really be that noticeable, except for the focus everyone has on it because of that Miami of Ohio Game.
5) They are not using Demps correctly when they do that silly little play slamming him into 300 lb lineman out of the shotgun formation. He is a Reggie Bush type of guy, line him up at tailback, run some sweeps, with him to keep the defense honest, but have him run wheel routes and swings and just throw him the football.

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