Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Florida Georgia Week

It's Florida Georgia Week. - Ordinarily this is one of my favorite weeks. It's something to look forward to, It still is, I just don't know if the Gators can hang with them this year.
Our offense is all about lousy play calling and resultant three and outs that seems to be our weekly Game plan now, except when we fumble the ball away and don't even get the three and outs, and all we get are the "outs".
My Goodness, look at Mark Richt being all tough in front of all those sorority girls in the background. - It just strikes terror in the heart of all Gator Fans this year.

Plus look at their nutty fans with all the nuttiness.

I missed the Gators this past week while they were on bye. I did watch that Auburn LSU game, and luckily for me I pulled for the LSU Tigers from the initial kickoff until the very end when Cameron Newton was elected Governor of Alabama. Its four weeks in a row pulling for a team that gets beat. Maybe this week things will be different.

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