Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sharks and small import cars.

Sometimes I feel like I am swimming in the ocean and although its more likely that you would get hit by lightning, you still cant help but think about the sharks. ---- Except I am not really worried about the sharks so much as a typhoon type of thing sneaking up from the deep and flushing me on through the beach area and then out into the street area, where I might get wedged on a power pole due to the current, and then a small Korean made car gets washed up in the flood and crushes me up against that thing.
At this point the shark comes along and eats me. Cause if it was just me and the shark with no Korean made car pinning me up against a power pole, I like my chances, and the shark would know better than to try to mess with me. Sometimes life isnt about the known things like the fact that Sharks live in the ocean, Sometimes its about the typhoon and the Korean made cars mixing it in and creating complications.

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Bill From Gainesville said...

where the hell was my editor? Talk about a run on sentence in that first paragraph!