Sunday, February 14, 2010

Not time travelling but divorced dad travelling

Last night I rented "The Time Travelers Wife" It was an Okay movie, decent enough that I didn't turn it off, --It didn't suck.

Today As I was doing some Sunday Errands the whole thing got me thinking. As far as my Children, I have pretty much the same problem. Not in the sense that I bee-bop around into the past and future or anything, but in the sense that on average I see my kids for a weekend every third week. Just like the time traveler movie, He pops in and out of his life with his wife because he is a time traveler that can't control when he travels through time.
Sometimes stuff happens and its two weeks, sometimes its 4 weeks, but generally I pop in and out of their lives every three weeks. We talk occasionally on the phone in between , but the reality of it is that they live their lives and I get to see how it is turning out for them on an interval basis one weekend sliver at a time.
Did drive up to Gainesville to catch my son's basketball game yesterday before my x-wife and kids took off to Destin to see Their Grandmother and Grandfather. It was two hours up, 40 minutes or so watching, then 2 hours back to Tampa. That is not just a sliver of his life, that is like the crumbs from the sliver but it is at least the good crumbs with the frosting part still on it.
He played well defensively and scored one basket in their 34 to 20 win. My X-wife had forgotten I was coming, so she had left my daughter at home to pack for their trip. She did go back and get her though, and I found out that she made Straight A's this past Semester in school. (my daughter, ---my x-wife doesn't go to school) -


your psycho ex-girlfriend said...

bill you are an awesome dad. in fact i wish you were my dad.

will you be my daddy?

Bill From Gainesville said...

Psycho I would totally be your daddy as long as you are past college age. I have two of em I will need to send that way and cannot afford a third...