Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hurry Hard

Tiny little softball update. We lost by one run and now we are 3 and 3 for this season to go along with our 5 &5 record of last season. it would appear we are a 500 team. after 16 games we are 8 and 8, Bill Parcells said it best. you are what your record says you are. The good thing is that after going 2 and 5 in the regular season last year, we swept the playoffs to win the league. Maybe that will happen again, who knows.
What I need to talk about tonight though is the winter Olympic sport of "Curling." Just a great sport. Its like shuffle board on Ice and they add in "sweepers" -- When the player rolls the rock and he needs the sweeper to get on the sweeping business that they have trained for years to do, they have a term called "hurry hard." and the roller guy will yell at the sweeper guy to "hurry hard" and now thanks to an enterprising business man you can now also buy a condom of the same name.

Just a fascinating concept plus half the profits go to cure aids and the other half goes to some kind of curling association. Its truly a win, win, win situation. That curling association gets some money, The coalition to cure aids in Monterey California gets some cash and then of course you prevent yourself an unwanted pregnancy. Triple win right there! Thanks to my friend Kat for pointing out this hilarious concept. l

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