Thursday, February 25, 2010

My NFL whoring days are coming to an end soon

Bottom line, I am a Fan of the Florida Gator Football team. Thats my team. I make it a point to watch all their football games. Even if they are playing northeastwestern tech state vocational school at the same time Alabama is playing Texas, I am watching the Gators.
In the NFL though, I am a Bucs fan---- now that I live in Tampa. ---When I lived in Miami I was a Dolphins fan. When I lived in Denver it was the Broncos and when I lived in Gainesville it was the Jaguars. In short I am a bit of an NFL whore. I love the whole league. Love Watching Monday Night Football. Love watching the Cowboys against the Giants or whatever the best game is on any particular Sunday. Might love the league as a whole more than the Gators specifically, although no evil cartoon bad guy will make me choose between being able to watch only the NFL but not the Gators or vice versa. If there was an evil villain that made me choose, I believe it would be access to the NFL. I guess I am just a slut that way. Love playing fantasy football and love sitting in a bar watching football on Sunday afternoons. It is the best football in the world.
My whoring and slutty NFL ways are about to end though. Pretty sure whichever team picks Tebow, that is my new favorite team. There are people in Jacksonville who are trying to persuade Jaguars Ownership to draft him. Short of him coming to Tampa that would be the next best thing. Basically their tag line is: Draft him and we will come.
I think it will be awesome if the fans of a franchise can influence that decision and I will tell you something else, Mel Kiper and that other Mel Kiper want to be, are missing the point. They can kiss my ass. He does have a weird throwing motion but that did not stop him from being dominant at the highest level of College Football and he will make the adjustment. He will be one of the top NFL QB's in the league for a long time. Maybe not as a rookie, but in a few years watch out.


オテモヤン said...


your psycho ex-girlfriend said...

bill i am totally watching you pick your nose right now!!!!

NTF said...

Hope you are right about Tebow's future. Think you're wrong but hope you are right.

Bill From Gainesville said...

Psycho -- if you were really watching me pick my nose then which finger was I using?
NTF -- some people believe in Jesus including Mr. Tebow himself. I believe in Tebow.

your psycho ex-girlfriend said...

all of them and i did you get them in there all at once?