Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Why Lane Kiffin is leaving Tennessee

Lane Kiffin is done at Tennessee, because Pete Caroll was afraid that USC was getting ready to be put on Probation and knew enough to bail on out of there.
Lane looked at the two situations:
1) USC
This is a top tier program that is in a great City, has National Prestige, and is in a huge metropolitan city with lots of celebrity fans. The Budget is huge, and the competition is the other Pac Ten Schools
2) Tennessee
This is a top tier program in an Okay City. has National Prestige, and has Peyton Manning and Keifer Sutherland as their celebrity fans. The Budget is huge, but the competition is the SEC in general, and FLORIDA in particular.
So there you have it. Lane is out of there.
I heard Phil Fulmer is looking for a gig... Whoooo Hooooo.... GO VOLS!
A friend of mine just e-mailed me this awesome photograph so I am adding it to this post!

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Kat said...

Ha, if USC thought they had recruiting violations before...just wait until Lane gets there!