Sunday, January 31, 2010

Gross ass leg

This is a photograph of my shin on the night of our last Softball victory. Because we ended up winning, and because the slide that caused this, was an integral part of that victory, I am okay with it. Basically I realize I am an old man and I also realize that we are playing hack league Softball.
I will only slide when it is important. That night, because we were playing a team that had always beat us in all our previous matchups, and also because I believed my run to be important, I Slid. I promise you internet that the majority of the time I will just be out if there is a close play, because sliding fucking hurts.


On this night we were fighting Momentum. We had gotten up big, but those bastards made it close with their comeback. We were only winning by one run when we went into the seventh. We had the top half so we needed some insurance runs. I had hit a double with two outs to knock in one of them and then the guy behind me grounded out to third, except instead of doing the normal play in throwing it over to firstbase, he tried to get me out instead. He fielded it cleanly and his play was to go to firstbase except for whatever reason, he believed he could get me out. Probably should have as well, except he pre-maturely through it to the second basemen and I just kept running to third. The second baseman had to hurry it up to third, but I was able to slide under that bullshit and scraped the hell out of my lower leg as you can see from this photograph.


We did end up winning and I eventually scored another insurance run so it was all good.