Friday, January 8, 2010

Good bye College Football till we see you again

College football is going to take some time off now, for a few months anyways, until spring football. Spring football is like having a wet dream. At least its something.
Good game last night, I feel bad for Colt McCoy. At the same time I am happy that the NC stayed within the SEC. Also, reading this morning in the paper that Urban has been going into the office and recruiting and stuff. He evidently does not get the whole, take some time off concept.
Probably why I will not make a million dollars a year or more, because at least in this aspect of life, I am just better than Urban. I can totally kick back and chill out. I have a bit of an "A type" personality but its just a smidgen compared to him.


Kat said...

I was pumped that Bama won too. And yes, very sad for McCoy. Never want your last game to go out like that. and I feel like TX will still say, "they will never know...". They still whine about not making it last year, so I"m sure this will be the new excuse.

I'm excited for the draft!! I know it would never happen, but I would freak out if Tebow came to the Broncos!!

Bill From Gainesville said...

Wherever Tebow ends up I will be a fan. (I am a loyal Gator fan, love the NFL but tend to be a bit of a whore with the NFL) I just love the whole league although probably if it came down to it I would call myself a fan of the Bucs. (Fantasy Football has messed me up alot... Huge Vikings fan this year because I had Adrian peterson and Percy Harvin, Plus I love watching bfavre do his thing.)

NTF said...

Sad the college season is over but hoping the Saints have something special in store for those of us that follow the Black and Gold.

Bill From Gainesville said...