Monday, January 11, 2010

Observations on Florida Recruiting

My computer is taking a dive, I need to take it to the shop to see if it can be saved or not. Don't really see that happening any time soon, but I have a work around with my work computer.

Fired up about this Gator recruiting, just picked up three more dudes from the Army All American game. Plus even though Maurkice Pouncy is going Pro, Mike is coming back. The line will be strong next year as will the offense in general. Defensively Losing Haden Early and possibly Major Wright as well hurts. Along with Dunlap and of course Spikes but he is a senior and you knew that was coming. Pretty sure the kids coming up behind him can play well though. Should not be a bad season next year and you never know, but seriously 2011 should be a legitimate shot at the whole ball of wax. It is so easy being a Gator fan right now!
Also, looks like the billster might have a line on a ticket for the superbowl in Miami. If it all works out I am sure I will blog about it....
Thank goodness we still have a month of NFL football till we go to the offseason and have to satisfy ourselves with spring football and the draft. It will be like going on some kind of a fast. Eat it up now while they are still serving it up.

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