Monday, October 19, 2009

Stupid Fantasy Football

Nice weekend fantasy wise... came into Monday night up 87 to 73, no worries, still have LT going for me tonight, and of course my oponent wasn't done either, I knew that. He had the Denver defense/special teams. He also had Eddie Royal.
If you did not watch it, Royal had a kick return and a punt return which is 12 points each for 24 oh yes, plus he had the defense which is 24 more points for the same returns = 48 points tacked on to the 73 = 121 fantasy points against my little 87 and its not even half time, plus LT is getting pulled at the goal line and is not the LT of old anymore. LT is still a decent back, but fantasy wise, he is pretty much a guy that you will probably need to find the good matchups in terms of the other teams defense, instead of just starting him because he is LT, like you used to be able to do back when he was the best back in the game.


Native Minnow said...

I got my ass handed to me this week in fantasy football. The team I was up against had Tom Brady AND Randy Moss. With Tom Brady's record setting (tying?) 5 TDs in one half performance, those two alone nearly outscored my entire roster.

Bill From Gainesville said...

Feel for ya on that, very glad I did not go up against him last week (any week really) but especially last week