Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A moral victory of sorts

I was a part of what you might consider a "moral" victory tonight. We lost 12 to 11 in softball, but we were ahead during the game at various times. It was back and forth throughout, but in the end we came up short. This was the same team that drilled us in the first game of the season 16 to 2. This was the team that had not been behind in any game they have played all season. This was the undefeated team in our league and unfortunateley they remain undefeated.
We were playing to win, unlike Tennessee when they came into Gainesville and just played to stay respectable. We hope to get another shot at those guys in the playoffs at the end, and maybe if we can keep it together we can pull off the upset. Moral victories are still losses but the coulda woulda shoulda's are just much more poignant in something like this.

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