Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rays Vs. Yankees

Went to see a Major League Baseball Game this past Tuesday Night. AJ Burnett of the Yankees was mixing his stuff up well, and had a No Hitter going into the 7th. I started getting excited about possibly witnessing it, and texted a bunch of people. Almost as soon as I hit SEND The Rays ripped off back to back to back hits.
Matt Garza of the Rays threw 7 innings and had 8 strikeouts. He was Like Linda Ronstadt out there on the mound, (Blue Bayou) Except in his case his fast ball BLEW BY YOU

This Picture was taken from where our seats were. It will spoil you to sit so freaking close like that though. The Rays warmed up this one guy right there in the bull pen his name was balfour which has to be one of the worst names for a pitcher but this guy was bringing it. They ended up not putting him in though but that was some Vapor that he was throwing.
Managed to get a picture of my Neighbor DEREK JETER (Sort of,) Okay, maybe we arent quite Neighbors, but he is building a Mansion about a half a mile away from where I live, so its not Like I am going to be borrowing grated cheese from him or anything like that, but we do share the same Zip code ....

Derek Jeter opened the game up with a three run Homer in the top half of the 9th to make it 7 to 2 which was my Cue to head it on out to the parking lot.
If I wake up tomorrow and find out the RAYS came back in the bottom half, I am going to be SOOOO pissed.


compulsively yours...for now said...

i *heart* derek jeter, but not as much as i *heart* you.

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