Tuesday, April 7, 2009

All Terrain Vehicles Should be able to go across lakes

All terrain vehicles aren't really all terrain. They don't do so well in Lakes. If you go into the lake fast enough, for a little while it is kind of like you are a rock that is just skipping across, but it doesn't take to long to just sink. All Terrain My ass. they should say they are all terrain if you are talking about ground type terrain but not water terrain. I am sure some smarty pants would say that lakes and stuff aren't terrain, but I think by the broad definition they are.
It was just a dream and It didn't really happen except in my mind, and the sinking and the angst I was feeling about ruining the all Terrain Vehicle is what woke me up. There were some other parts to the dream but I really only remember riding the All Terrain Vehicle across a lake and then sinking and being pissed at myself for thinking it could make it across water in the first place. Thats just stupid.

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quin browne said...

if only you'd been in bill rex's atv from the army.

it floated and would putt putt across a lake.