Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A day at the beach

If You look at the center of the photograph at about the point where the Ocean meets the sky and also have superpower vision, you could see Mexico -- We didnt go their though and we didnt catch any type of flu from any pigs either.

A day at the beach.

A little Sunny out

Funny thing happened at the beach. I bought myself a new swimsuit that had a velcro fly operation going on in the front, but they didn't design it for a fellow of my proportions and long story short, the part that makes me a Man ended up rubbing on the back side of the velcro clasp thing, and it was not the "good" kind of penis rubbing at all .... So I know, TMI but it ended up being uncomfortable enough that I threw the new suit out after the day was done.

Sometimes my son just wants me to take a picture of him and because he is so cute I can't help myself


your psycho ex-girlfriend said...
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compulsively yours...for now said...

will you be my daddy?

The Charming Hedonist said...

Poor kids, you make them wear Gator stuff? That's child abuse!

No really, they're cute! Way to procreate!

Native Minnow said...

I do have super-power vision, but I still couldn't see Mexico. It's probably for the best. I hear you can catch swine flu just from looking at Mexico these days.

NTF said...

Looks like fun!! The kids look great Bill.

compulsively yours...for now said...

Mr. Bill--can i rub you in the *good* way. i am kinda a pro at the nonvelcro rubbing of man parts.

Bill From Gainesville said...

CYFN - "If I was your Daddy pretty sure You shouldnt be Rubbing me even in the "good" way
Hedo -- just good parenting right there - My daughter has already said that if she cant get into an Ivy league school she is going to be a Gator
Minnow -- the WHO has advised that going forward they will be calling it the H1N1 virus so as not to Taint Pigs in a bad way- I dont understand why an Old Band like that has that kind of power but oh well...