Tuesday, September 13, 2011

War Eagle and Plexiglass

Funny is funny. Even when you think, Hey maybe I shouldn't be laughing at this because its just not right, if it's funny, well, then it's funny.

So Last Saturday one of the mascots for Auburn, the war eagle, did his thing that he does when they fly down over the crowd, except this time the war eagle flew smack dab into a glass door of a suite.
From the Birmingham news: ------" It looked like he hit the plexiglass hard" said Jamie Bellah, director of the Southeastern Raptor center at Auburn "I looked him over and couldn't find a bruise. It doesn't look very good when you see it on the video, but I think he must have recognized he was going into something because his feet came out a little bit."
Funny is funny.

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