Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Coach Fox, Read this....

My eyes hurt from watching that 10:15 Monday Night game yesterday. The Raiders and the Broncos are clearly two of the most poorly coached football teams ever to play in the National Football League.

They were chippy, which is something that does happen, however neither coaching staff ever grabbed control. It went on all night. Additionally, they were un-disciplined so we had numerous offside calls both ways. Obviously they both have some talent and the Raiders even more so than the Broncos, but my goodness was it hard to watch. The game never had any rhythm due to the incredible lack of discipline. Also, Orton may be better right now than Tebow on paper, but I watched enough of Tebow in College to know he could have won that game for the Broncos if he was just given a chance. He makes everyone around him better and he wills his team to be better as a whole, regardless of the parts that make up the team. You play football on a field, not paper. Why is it so obvious to me but such a mystery to the people around him.
Someday Coach Fox will figure it out. Or he won't and the broncos will be mediocre long enough to get him fired.

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