Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another Rant on how important Sports are:

You know what it is?  It's about trying to do your best.  Tonight's Monday Night Football Game was about that.  - My Dad always tells me how unimportant sports are, but you know what,  Sports are so fucking important in real life,  and he,  and those other people that think that shit is not important are just wrong.
  The beauty of that game tonight was that people fought through adversity, people excelled when by all rights they should have been sitting on their couch.  Watching that game is the same thing as looking at a Million dollar piece of art.
Sports are such a magnifying glass on the human spirit.  Or,  call it what you want,   Sports is like art,  it just makes your inner soul feel good when it is like this.  Let me also tell you something about Rex Grossman.  Dude is a football player and that loss hurt him.  It is his job.  No one watches me do my job.  My job is probably not as important to the masses as his is.  My job puts a roof over my kids heads and feeds me and puts a roof over my head etc.  But Millions of people don't watch me when I fail.
I just know how awesome this past three hours was and what it means to me.  It means I can still strive, It means I can "Play Hurt"  I can suck it up,  I can deal with failure,  I can seriously appreciate how awessome that was.      

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