Monday, January 17, 2011

a brief "readers digest version" of this weekend

The weekend ended up a little different then I planned. Went and saw some Hockey on Friday Night in a suite. Then I Had a few drinks after that at a bar right by my house and met some Women. They asked me to come up to a different bar with them, so I did. Then after a little while, they ditched me, but I wasn't ready to go home because I was channeling my inner 22 year old self. That guy could flat out get in some trouble. So I went to another bar and met a couple of other women.

Got up just in time to be 30 minutes late for my t-time. Opened up the first hole with a par, later on I had a birdie, and in between I three putted a whole bunch, while trying not to throw up. Ended up shooting a 112.
Got home about 5:30 and watched some football and napped till about 8 p.m. Got up, took a shower and went out to dinner and then clubbing again, this time only until about 3 in the morning. Watched football and napped on Sunday. Never even left my apartment. Good weekend, but damn I spent a lot of money.

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