Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Things to possibly do this Fourth of July Weekend

Lots of options are open for the Fourth of July weekend, including Driving down to FT Myers Florida and then catching a boat to Key West. Part of that would be partying like a rock star on the way down to the Keys, plus acting like there is nothing that my mom would be ashamed of finding out while there, and than riding that same boat back?
My Dad actually tought me that part about living your life in such a way that if a reporter wrote about the stuff you did, your mom would not be ashamed reading about it... Sometimes though I feel like you should hope that there are no reporters around , because there is a Titty bar in Key west that has Full Nudity and full alcohol--- I can sometimes drink to much for my own good, and beautiful Naked Women are a positive thing in my book..... even if you only get to stare at them...
Also , I do not know any reporters on a personal basis that would follow me around to report on my actions, plus on top of that, my mom is dead.
Not saying that is what I am going to do ...but it is a consideration for sure... Financially though probably best if I don't ... New Glasses for my son coming up , Continued payments for my Daughters Braces....Just making all my bills in general, with so much of my income going out to monthly child support and alimony...Still, Just a thought, and I could probably, maybe, swing all of it.... Its my blog and I can think out loud if I want.


NTF said...

A boat, Key West, alcohol, naked women...holy shit the thought of it is almost overwhelming.

Anonymous said...

i love this