Monday, June 14, 2010

Golf hole that looks like something else

It's Funny because it looks like a mans body part but really its a Golf Hole = (totally stole this picture off the internet )

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Anonymous said...

ok, i dont want to be a perv but yeah. i am positive that is a very sick weener right there. or maybe weeners are suppose to be green and i have been a bit too drunk every time i have ever seen one... on the internet... cause i have never seen one in r.l. cause that would make me a perv, which i am not.

hi bill!!!

cant remember my password nor can i find my little handy book which holds my password so yep. its me. the woman who dreams about you more than she dreams of peter pan or batman or any of her other favorite men in tights. not that you are a man in tights. but if you are. well then that would be superb.