Thursday, June 3, 2010

A clip from a movie

In a relationship with someone else, if you truly believe this, then you know its an outstanding relationship, and it could go to another level. If the other person makes you want to be better person yourself, then you know what? thats a great relationship. You may want to cultivate that one, and build on it.
Relationships should be strong--- but so much of the beginnings of those things, are like massai warriors just building their houses out of straw and mud. You need to build them on foundations, maybe even build the basement first and use the best steel girders in the foundation. Set that thing up and then build your ass a skyscraper of a relatioship, complete with high speed elevators and marble floors with lots of Art hanging on the interior.

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Native Minnow said...

Perhaps the universe is trying to tell me something here. You mention something about the importance of building a strong foundation, and GWWBMGF said the something similar last week. I'm just going to give up on relationships altogether instead. That'll be my foundation.