Monday, June 28, 2010

A little less Innoculation

I watched a little Soccer this past Saturday. Ghana just took em down even though we had more shots on goal then they did. They were able to convert, and the Americans did not. -- I am pretty much done with Soccer now for another Four years.
This whole thing is like getting a vaccination. -- They put Soccer in our bloodstream in just a small dose ---kind of as an innoculation type of thing. Now I am innoculated from it and am not to concerned with "Catching the Soccer Habit" going forward -- Some people though are still feeling a little woozy from the innoculation. --
Sunday I headed over to a local bar to watch the Rays/ Diamondbacks and they actually still had a T.V. on the soccer stuff and there were people watching Mexico/ Argentina? Real American people paying attention when a perfectly good baseball game was going on just a T.V. over to the side from all that running and chasing going on. I will be glad when we as a country just go back to hating Soccer. Its really our natural state.


NTF said...

Never watched a second of it. Sorry but I find the sport to be a horrible bore. But, ESPN has once again proved that if you hype something long enough with all your public faces on board you can make Americans watch damn near anything.

Bill From Gainesville said...

NTF -- I truly feel a little shame that I went out specifically to see how that would turn out, but honestly, in the end, I focused on eating Chicken wings more than watching the stupid soccer. By the way, its still bad when ghana, a country of 23 million takes down the US which is a country of about 280 million. Dont forget only about 97 people of the 280 million truly give a shit about stupid ass soccer