Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Toll road

lets say you are driving down the road, and you realize it is actually a toll road. You did not understand this when you got on that path, but now you are coming up to the booth and it is time to pay up.
Same thing with having kids, and those kids allegedly needing braces. ---I am all like: Hey lets get off this toll road at this exit marked: ---" Last exit before buying braces that your kid probably does not actually need" --- I know, its a long ass name for a road and its a bitch if you live on that road, and need to dial 911 or order a pizza or something, but that road will get you where you want to go and it will not cost nearly as much as "Braces" Highway.
If you dont have the option of getting off at "Last exit before buying braces" because your kid DOES need them and has some kind of a mangled up mouth, then by all means use the "Braces" Highway. But if you look at your kids smile and it is absolutely beautiful and she is beautiful, and the only people telling you to take the toll road are the people collecting the money, then maybe you should just deal with giving the pizza man a blow by blow account of how to get to your street.
To late though, it has been decided that we will take Braces Highway and just pay the toll.

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your psycho ex-girlfriend said...

now i wont ask minnow for money to pull my daughters wisdom teeth. the insurance wont pay for it because they say she has enough room in her mouth for them and i was going to ask him but now i wont.

he has you to thank!