Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Softball Update for March 3rd.

CLEARWATER, FL---The Defending Champions of the Clearwater Men's Rec League took down Razzles Lounge tonight, giving them their first loss of the current season. It was a back and forth affair, but to use a Curling Term, Werther's Originals had the hammer, in the form of being the home team and batting last. We took full advantage, by breaking open an 8 to 8 game in the bottom of the 6th inning with 4 runs, and then keeping them scoreless in the top half of the 7th to finish off the regular season at 4 and 3.
This team is the very embodiment of a Rocky Movie. Imagine our season is any one of the 5 films. First we establish that we are the underdogs, but that we are tough and care about Adrian, only in this instance, our Adrian is just the love of the game of Softball. No one bitches about playing in the Freezing Cold or in the sweltering heat and we have done both.
Its a diverse team as well. We have both FSU fans and Gator Fans all mixing in together for the common cause. We have Good players and not so good players. We have some guys who Cut their sleeves off on their shirts and others who choose not to. This Softball team is the answer to Rodney King's question: He asked " why cant we all just get along?" well Rodney, we can, and we do. There are even Tebow Haters on the team to go along with those of us who believe in the Goodness of the man.
It was a solid victory against a very good team. It was like the perfect Jello Shot, Not to watered down, but filled with Ever Clear.
It seemed that every one of their guys could get it out of the park, but just like drinking to many jello shots, it doesn't really hit you until a little while afterwards that you really shouldn't have more than three. (Jello Shots OR home runs, in our league)
Three home runs in a game is all you get in our league. You are allowed 3 bombs , and if you hit more, they are just outs. If you drink more than 3 Ever clear Jello Shots, they might not hit you until about 20 minutes later, but the next day when you look back on it, besides maybe not being able to remember all the stupid stuff you did, and having a really bad hangover, you might also wish you did not hit the long ball when all it gets you is an out.
Next week we start the playoff run. We will probably end up facing Razzles Lounge in the championship game, assuming we make it that far, but winning playoff games is just what we do. Hopefully when we play them the next time they will all be drinking Jello shots again.


your psycho ex-girlfriend said...

i dont remember getting married the second time, seriously.

we were in cabo and the liquor is free, i had no choice i had to get my moneys worth

Ben said...

nice recap. we shall kick ass tomorrow night.

Bill From Gainesville said...

Psycho--- Liquor can make you forget getting married and it can be like hitting homeruns when all it gets you is an OUT...
BEN --- Hope so! but its Wednesday Night...