Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Softball void filled

Softball void filled! - Actually filled it up Last Wednesday, but I have been neglecting my blog and quite honestly its only something that is interesting to me. We got our ass kicked last week but we still played, and life was good. Tonight we were the Kicker instead of the kickee, which is just all around better.
We were up 16 to 5 but let them score six runs in their part of the 6th inning, so it looks closer then it was at 16 to 11. I played like an Old man, which I am, but it was an Old man that had a good time. Managed to not get hurt and only made a little bit of a fool out of myself.
I was pitching and there was a guy who thought he had a triple. Our outfielder threw it to Third (the guy was on Second) and it got by, This was when the dude started heading for third when he saw the overthrow, except yours truly was backing up the play and had him dead if he kept coming to Third, so he turned and went back to second, which by all rights, I had him dead there also, except instead of throwing it to the second baseman, I threw that puppy into Centerfield. Got to work on not getting all excited like that for the future.


cwerther2 said...

hey daddy YOU WON, so your team can't be that bad and even if they are it seems like every other team is worse than that, which makes your team....THE BEST

i love you daddy

Bill From Gainesville said...

We are okay... GOt drilled in the first game and I LOVE YOU CHASE!