Thursday, September 10, 2009

GE, The company that satisfies all your locomotive needs.

Watching the opening game of the NFL season and loving every minute of it, but I do wonder what the hell the executives at G.E. were thinking in running those commercials? - They are quite the creative commercials, extolling the virtue of General Electric products. Products Like Locomotives and Jet turbine engines? who is the target market for that advertising? Is someone sitting home, watching some NFL football and thinking to themselves, damn I sure would like a locomotive train or a Jet turbine engine but I just don't know which company I should buy them from? Oh... Look, GE makes Jet Turbine engines and Locomotives I thought they just made refrigerators and other appliances. I think I will buy my locomotive from them.


NTF said...

As a matter of fact it is time for my 737 to get a new engine on the left side.

Bill From Gainesville said...

You sir, are the epitome of their target market