Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Softball is back for the Billster!

Lets face it, life just isnt as good without having a night of softball once a week, and ever since I moved to Tampa, there has been a softball void, a 9 month long, void, the size of the Grand Canyon. Just a big old hole in the ground, except this void isn't in the ground, it was in my life. Tomorrow rectifies this situation and that void will be filled, Bats will be swung, errors will be made and beer will be had. Smack will be run, and a game will be played!
I have never played with any of these guys and don't know their ability nor the skill level of the competition. so that is stressful. I do not want to be the weak link on our team but that is a chance I will take as most of these guys are in their mid to early 30's and it is an "A" League.
I will just ball as best I can and try to use the whole field to spray the ball and let the chips fall where they may. Damn I am excited though!

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