Monday, September 14, 2009

A good fantasy football weekend

It was a good week of Fantasy Football for the Billster. Mostly because Adrian Peterson is one of my guys, and he is like a man among boys. That last 60 plus yard run was a thing of beauty, at one point he put on the breaks and threw a Cleveland Brown right off the field, got going again and put a Jim Brown type stiff arm on another dude, and then outran everyone else to the end zone.
Brett Favre threw his first touchdown pass as a Viking, which doesn't really matter to me because Brett is not one of my guys, but the man who caught it was Percy Harvin who is!
I drafted him relatively high and caught a bunch of shit from all the other dudes in the league, for being a bit of a homer (huge Gator fan here) so much so, that I made a bet that he would have more fantasy points this year then Terrell Owens. So far so good as T.O. got shut out tonight and I saw him running his jaw a little bit in the huddle and pouting some on the sidelines tonight.
Just a beast,

Other observations from watching a shit load of NFL games this weekend.
* Drew Brees is a stud, and I might need to think about starting Jeremy Shockey over Chris Cooley, even though Cooley also had a solid day as well.
* Tom Brady is back, and he looks alot like Tom Brady used to look, especially on those last two drives.
* Earl Bennet is going to be a Thousand Yard, 10 touchdown guy this year in Chicago because that was just a bad game for Cutler and it was an Aberration more so then a trend.
* Mark Sanchez is a football player
* I am a bit of a "geek" when it comes to watching NFL football and I realize no one gives a shit about my NFL observations and Fantasy Football except me and my mom, and she is dead.
(My Mom always loved me and she would love it just because I love it)
* That Redzone Channel is pretty awesome but the guy that narrates it needs to pin his left ear back so it doesn't stick out like half of a dumbo. (his right ear appears relatively normal)
* How much time did Brandon Stokley really kill as he ran parallel to the endzone on that last freak ass tipped ball? Seriously ...another 2 seconds?
* Brian Urlacher? Your wrist? thats going to put you out for the entire season? put some duct tape on that bitch and shoot up some pain killer and get out there and be the beast that you are.
* I had a great time this Sunday at my buddys house watching Direct T.V.


Brian in Mpls said...

Love you stacked on the Vikes:)

Bill From Gainesville said...

Love me some Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin.... I hope they get Percy more involved as the season goes along...