Monday, September 14, 2009

Patrick Swayze RIP

"Pain don't hurt" which just may be one of the most ridiculous lines ever uttered in a movie, but it was a ridiculous movie, where there are such things as world famous bouncers that have philosophy degrees from NYU, and it is a line I like to use in a mocking tone when the situation is appropriate. It is always a joy to me when someone knows that I am quoting Dalton from the movie "Roadhouse." That movie was so terrible that it's actually good. I love the part where "Dalton" Flips his hair around and checks himself out in the mirror as he is in the middle of a bar-fight.
This was a movie in which a super hot looking woman is a doctor that doesn't drink but continually hangs out at a rough ass dive type of bar at 3 am in the morning. The guy from the milk commercials is also a "famous" bouncer and the level of cheese in this movie just thrills me.
Then there is another line I like to use when the situation is appropriate, from another movie. "nobody puts baby in a corner" Patrick Swayze movies were just fun.

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