Monday, January 28, 2008

observations from a life that was lost.

* I saw Hunter read for reading's sake alone. He saw me laughing at a comic in the funny pages and asked me what I was laughing about, or Chase did , I dont remember, but instead of telling them, I just had them read the thing. Hunter read the dialogue of a newspaper. It was real reading, and I was there when it happened, and I saw the kid read to find something out, not just because it was part of his homework but because it was something he wanted to do. Not that reading the books he is sent ISN'T reading, its just that this is application.
* I told him I was proud of him, and he told me he knew ... He always says that .. but I can see ,---even though he likes to act all non chalant about it, he loves it when I point out the things he does that make me proud.
* My daughter wanted snacks today, and as I was moving, and had packed away all the good food or didnt have it in the first place, I told her we could walk up to the store to get whatever she wanted. (my car was loaded up and I couldnt drive them because I only had room in the front seat, which would have only held one of them. ----- On the walk , my Daughter HELD MY HAND THE WHOLE TIME, My son mostly held my hand, but he also had important business with his Gameboy so I certainly understand.


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