Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Goodbye Gainesville

Its not just a town to me. Gainesville is my home. I wasn't born there, but I did grow up there. In the Early 80's I moved away to go to college, and then after graduating, I began my young adult life in Miami with a stint in Denver and then back to Gainesville at the end of 1990.

I live in a little shack in Gainesville:

Bye little shack:

I used to have a middle class type of house, plus a wife, two kids a dog and a cat. I no longer have the dog, (he died) My cat stayed with my wife. I still have two kids, they just dont live with me anymore.

Bye old house:

It turns out that when two people who live together and count on one another, don't communicate, things can get really ugly. I am not going to blog everything that happened but be assured it was bad. Even though I already lost the house in court. My ex -wife will soon lose it to foreclosure. It didnt have to be this way, and for that I have a lot of resentment. To this day I still dont understand "why" although I have asked that question a million times. I can tell you that I wouldn't have done to her, what she did to me, but this isnt about bashing, and I know I screwed up also. (towards the end, as I saw my life unravelling, so did I) you could say I lost it, and for that I am sad and dissapointed in myself. Its the reason why ultimately I have to leave Gainesville. I lost my job and the replacement job requires my body to live in South -Florida.


I am trying to deal with a million things right now, missing living in Gainesville is only one of them . Its not even the largest, although it is a corollary to my other problems and directly relates. of course the way I see it, all my problems in life right now are intertwined.


Everything is so overwhelming. My new job is great for me in terms of the future potential that I see in it. Maybe even better then my old job, who knows? Right now, its not so fruitfull, however. Moving is hard, not just because I will see my kids less. My network of friends is a Gainesville based group. sure I have a friend in Boca and one in Nashville and a few in Arizona, but most of them are in Gainesville. Where am I going to find a softball team that will let me pitch? Who am I going to play golf with? Who is going to drink with me at the bars and tell lies and stuff? I suppose I will make new friends but still.... anyways, Gainesville I have moved away from you before and I have come back. This is how the path has taken me and I will miss you.

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