Friday, January 4, 2008


Here is what I imagine happened. A kid was rollerblading, and a grown up went all grown up on him and busted him. There was probably a sign that said "no bicycling, no roller skating, no skateboarding. " The kid probably pointed out that technically he was in compliance, because he was actually rollerblading, and not rollerskating. His daddy is probably a criminal lawyer that gets bad guys out of jail on technicalities. His Dad probably has lawyer head. (lots of lawyers have there head shaped a certain way and have a certain lawyerly type haircut that I refer to as lawyer head)
They probably had this particular sign printed up adding the slight nuance of Roller Blading to go along with the "roller Skating" because as we all can be assured, Roller Blading and Roller Skating are clearly two different things. Now there is that new skateboard thing that is like a skateboard, but not a skateboard, where you kind of slalom on it... I dont even know what that thing is called, but there is another loophole for that lawyers kid to take advantage of .. Life is about Nuance, the tiny difference between skating and blading, the little differences between the one foot in bounds of College Football, and the need to get two in when you are talking Pro. Its all in the nuance

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