Monday, February 7, 2011

This past weekend didn't suck.

Did Friday and Saturday Night, out and about in the Dallas/ FortWorth/ Metroplex area of Northern Texas. Friday was Dallas, and Saturday was Fort Worth.

Saturday Night we were in the absolute Largest Bar I have ever seen. The place had live bull riding. Not Mechanical Bull riding, but live, honest to goodness, that's a Bull right there that actually poops and pisses, Type of a bull. That Mechanical stuff is for those dudes in Houston. I wanted to get up on one of them, but obviously don't have my Professional Bull Rider Card. Funny how having some beer and wine makes you think you would do stupid stuff like get on a 2000 pound bull, and ride it a little bit.
Its Okay though, because although I could not ride a bull, due to my lack of Bull riding credentials, I was able to buy a Cowboy Hat that didn't fit Me. Its just ridiculous. Drinking to much, and then buying a Cowboy Hat is also something I recommend you avoid, along with riding a 2000 pound bull, while drunk, and wearing a hat that is just to damn small for you.
A Limo was rented as well. Our Driver even had us going sideways down the Icy Roads of Texas a little bit. As we drove by all the cars that had spun out onto the side of the road, we hit a patch of Ice ourselves, and went sideways and then sideways the other way until He righted it.
Just scary stuff, but in the end, No foul was called, no barriers were hit and we never even slid off the road. Just good out of control limousine driving right there.

Saw a local disco Cover band on Friday Night. they billed themselves as "LeFreak" and they were over the top. Danced a little bit, had some Sushi, Just your typical Friday Night out In Dallas Texas.
Sunday was Fun day, Hanging out with the cool kids.
down in Arlington Texas.

It is a truly awesome stadium. And they had A Steeler and a Packers' Hot air balloon as well.
Green Bay Cheese head Lady might not have been drunk when she bought that hat because, evidently those Packer fans will wear those things completely sober.

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