Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Love Muschamps attitude.

Just fell in love with my new coach a few seconds ago. Not because in a short time he got the number 8 ranked class according to ESPN, Nor because he got the number 14th ranked class according to Rivals. No, Its because of something he said about all that bullshit. He said: " I haven't watched ESPN all day to see what all those people think. I am not worried about what others think. I am worried about what I think."

Ladies and Gentlemen, that is the only way to be. Think for your own damn self and don't worry about what others are saying. He said he they got better today, and they did. Thats what I think also. I like Driskell, Saw him play in the Under Armour game. Like Roberson, watched his highlight real. Like the younger Burton coming in to play a little D. Like that Blakely is a Gator. and Like that kid whose name is also a complete sentence. Valdez Showers.

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