Monday, December 6, 2010

Outback Bowl Bound

Outback bowl? after the year the Gators had? Talk about living the good life and being lucky.... Its like when I try to hit on the 28 year old hotties. Its absurd and crazy, but ever so often you end up in a better bowl game then you probably actually deserve.
It all comes down to money and I guess a 7 and 5 Gator Team will probably bring some dollars down here to the Tampa Area. -
Have not seen Penn State at all this year, but I am pretty sure they are a better 7 and 5 then our 7 and 5. Anyways, I Know where I will be on New Years Day.


NTF said...

LSU lost to Penn State in the Capital One Bowl last year. I am hoping PSU doesn't beat my 2nd team this year.

Bill From Gainesville said...

You and me both, but I think our playcalling of dive, dive, pass to the flats, punt is not going to be any more effective that week either.