Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Observations from the press conference today w/ Muschamp

I have been reading up on Will Muschamp since he was announced as our new head coach.
Some information I got wrong was that he pronounces his name Moo-shamp. .....Wrong. ---- I heard him pronounce his own name during his press conference today, and it was (Must champ. only without the T. -- So it is MUS champ) -- I had been pronouncing it correctly for the past 5 years or so that I had been aware of him as an up and coming coach and DC , so in my previous post, I thought I was correcting myself, but I was not. -- I was wrong in thinking I was wrong.
I did not watch his press conference tonight, because i was busy being awesome and doing awesome stuff, but after I got home I looked it up on line and found the audio. (tried to find the video/audio and could not)
As I listened to that audio, these are the things 20 things I heard and or had observations about:
1. He talked about when he was a kid, and having season tickets in the North End zone but that he had to walk in from the street and walk down to get there. I remember that. --- I played HS football in that stadium when it was like that, before they built that massiveness that it is now, back when the field was still astro turf.
2. He talked about Spurrier, and Wuerffel and Tebow. He talked about the legends of Florida helping him, and he included Urban Meyer when he was talking that stuff.
3. He said the Gators are going to be a PRO- STYLE offense. --- (personally, I love this idea. Its the best way to recruit kids that want and anticipate playing in the pro's)
4. He talked about his eventual hire as OC, as being a Pro and College guy, with experience in both.
5. He talked about evaluating and playing to what they are and then recruit to what they want to be. (Talk is all that is, Meyer said the same stuff before he allowed Addazio to run the option to the short side of the field with Brantley)
6. He said they are going to run both the 3-4 and the 4-3 defense
7. He talked about the difference in the SEC being the linemen. (true that- there are some big and bad ass linemen in this league across the board)
8.- He said he does not know if he will call the defenses or not , and that it depends on who they hire as the DC. -- Reasonable enough
9. He said he is going to do the best thing For Florida, and that no one has been offered a job to date.(contradicting the news stories that say Applewhite was offered the OC and Smart the DC)
10. The only guy who will be back for sure is our Strength and conditioning coach ---Marriotti.
11. His Kids are named Whit and Jackson..... (How much more southern can you get with names like that.-- AWESOME)
12. He owns a beach house with JIMBO FISHER !!! and HE talks in the third person
13 - He said the Texas community was very good to Will Muschamp ...More Third person
14. He took this job immediately when it was offered. Mack was great, Mack was happy for Will Muschamp (Him talking in the third person some more)
15- He talked about pretending he was Tony Lilly when he was a kid. ( I pretended Like I was Tony Lilly when I was a Kid also when I played sandlot football , how awesome is that)
16 -Its funny when dudes talk in the third person
17- his first job was for 17k a year coaching in west Georgia and he lined the fields and did the wash. (I love that about him)
18 - He Gave Credit to a guy named ROY KID who was his head coach when he was coming up as an assistant at Eastern Kentucky. ( a very cool thing to do)
19- Dude lived at 1122 Nw 22nd street when he was a kid Right next door to the Space Ship looking house. -- I have driven by that house on that street a Million times. (Talking about the space ship part, obviously I did not know him when he was a little kid living next door. you can be sure that next time I am on that road I will pay attention to the house next door to that thing)
20- He said his strength is finding the keys to each kid that plays for him (in terms of motivation)
And one for good measure. - he quoted his dad and said look: "there's two things that happen in life: -- What happens, and how you react to what happens." (speaking about what he told them in terms of Meyers resignation and his hiring)
Overall, I was impressed. He certainly talked a little fast in the initial part of the news conference, but its not every day you are given the keys to one of the five most bad ass football teams in all of College Football. He has those keys now though, and he is understandably excited so I give him a pass on that. In his question and answer portion he was much more measured in the timing of his cadence. I think he may be the guy and that Foley might have gotten this right.


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