Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The end of a 6 year era

The 2010 season for the Florida Gators was like a car wreck from the beginning. The Miami of Ohio game was when the car got a little squirrely. We clipped a guard rail in Alabama, hit a big old ditch against LSU, ran into some highway signs for the Mississippi State Game and ended up hitting a Tree named Lattimore to come to a complete and total stop. (I think Lattimore may still be running) then, as the pine needles from that tree began fluttering down into the cab of the vehicle, a huge branch from that same tree fell off and landed on the roof up in Tallahassee.
We were going to get that baby in the shop and fix it up the best we could before driving it down to the Outback Bowl to face the Nittany Lions on January 1rst, but then today we found out our top of the class, award winning driver was done with it all. It was like when Dale Earnhardt died in Daytona. Sure it was a wreck, but it didn't look like something that would end it all. Most Gator Fans were done with the crew Chief in Addazio, but I did not hear anyone seriously think it was time for a new driver.
He was our guy, he brought us Two National Titles along with Two SEC championships. He had a long rope, but I don't think he is like most people. I think the indignity of the wreck that was this season, along with the noise in the system about his Crew Chief, was just to much, and he looked at his bank account, and that account was large, and he looked at his beautiful wife, and she was hot and had been by his side for decades, and his kids, and he was like, to hell with all this.
This is Florida though. There is some serious cash available to pay someone. Foley, Go get it done, and Thank you Urban. I for one am Very Grateful for all the Florida Win Juice you laid down these past 6 years.


Heff said...

Lattimore DOES kick ass.

He gave Auburn fits....the FIRST time.

Bill From Gainesville said...

HEF - Lattimore was the second best player in the SEC this year, only behind the cam-back.... - and just to re-iterate my comment in your blog, I will be pulling for the SEC representative in the National Championship game, but Holy cow that DUCKS team is like a controlled explosion of fury and awesomeness. (So is Auburn's offense though, so its pretty even)