Saturday, December 11, 2010

Little replicas of perfectness

Busch Gardens, you evil bitch. tomorrow we shall duel. Your lines are just a minor inconvenience, until of course they kick my ass.
Tomorrow though, I will not go unprotected from your evilness. I shall bring multiple 13 year old girls who do not yet have the maturity to be impatient with your bullshit lines. They will still look forward to your rideness - They will not care about the shear and utter bullshit of waiting for 45 minutes to access the wonderfulness that is your rides. No, they will just ride and while they ride, they will scream, It will be screams of joy and it will be awesome.

In the future they will be leaders and women of influence. Tomorrow though, I will just consider them as they are: Little replicas of perfectness.

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