Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Staring down the Holidays while juggling Chainsaws

The Holidays are on their way. I think of them kind of like I am standing on a train track and they are the train, My shoes are stuck under the railroad ties, and I get hypnotized by the shiny headlight of the train, plus the whistle and chug a chug chug chug sound it makes as it barrels towards me.
Its the time of year that work always ratchets up a little bit, which coincides with all the distractions of the season, so I am not on top of my game, at the same time, the pressure is increasing. As a professional Chain Saw Juggler, this is not a good scenario.
Where did the year go? It was mostly relatively smooth sailing, but the last month is the storm and the boat is in need of maintenance, but there is no time to take it into the marina. Thank goodness there will be wine.

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