Monday, November 22, 2010

The Phillip Rivers Conundrum

In one of the fantasy leagues I am in, I have Phillip Rivers (plus Jabar Gaffney), going tonight. The guy I am playing is done, but is also quite a few points ahead of me. In the other one, the guy I am playing has him. (I am done, but have a medium to small sized lead)
In the one where he is on my roster I need him to absolutely blow up to have any kind of chance to win.
In the other, I need him to play poorly and mostly hand the ball off.
My prediction: He will do enough for the other guy that has him to pass me, but not enough for me to catch the other guy, and I will end up losing in both leagues.
I think next year I am going to quit one of these leagues. I hate this conundrum.


NTF said...

You fantasy league types are kinda weird sometime.

Bill From Gainesville said...