Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Florida Gators and the Movie Top Gun

When "Goose" was killed during a training incident in the movie Top Gun , that was like Florida losing to Alabama earlier in the year. In case you don't follow Florida Gator Football closely, like I do, the exact moment Goose was killed was when Burton threw the Jump Pass Interception at the goal line.
At that point in the game we had just drove the ball right down the field like a hot knife through soft butter. When we did not score at the goal line, and threw that pick, that was when Goose died, and Maverick (the Florida Gators) went into a funk. It wasn't that the Florida Gators suddenly didn't have some of the best talent in the nation, They always have, it was at that exact point, the coaching staff and the players, lost their swagger. It was just like when Maverick lost his.
When Florida lost to LSU and MISS STATE the following weeks, that was the part in the movie Top Gun when Maverick, played by Tom Cruise, rode around on his motorcycle brooding about his father's legacy and feeling guilty about that jump pass on the goal line.
The Gator fans played the part of Ice Man and got in Mavericks grille a little bit. "Maverick You're Dangerous" is what the Ice man told Maverick -- That quote can be translated into the language that the fans of Gator Nation speak, and reads like this: "Addazio, you suck as a play caller"
Beating Georgia was when Maverick got assigned to an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf. -- Maverick had the cred to get that gig, and Florida Beat Georgia because, Hey, that's our thing, that's the Florida Gator Cred, It's what we do, at least for the most part during the last 21 years. (an 18 and 3 record)
The upcoming games against Vanderbilt and South Carolina will hopefully be the part where Maverick Throws Goose's dog tags in the Indian Ocean with that Girlish looking throwing motion, regains his swagger, shoots down the Migs, moves back to California and hooks back up with Kelly McGillis' Character. (Charlie)
At the end of the movie, during the final dogfight scene, Maverick said: "I will not leave my wingman" Translated into Gator Football fandom it sounds allot like this: "All the Gators have to do is beat Vandy and South Carolina and we can go back to Atlanta and have another chance"
Whatever happened to Kelly McGillis anyway? Is she living in Atlanta now? That chick was hot, and winning the SEC is also pretty damn sexy.
So here is to the Gators hooking up with the 1980's version of Kelly McGinnis.

-(attached is a video. It's about 9 minutes. If you are committed to this post, then watch it now, because it will act like a refresher course. for the rest of this post. honestly the shit they say in this video will have gator translations to follow but if you don't take the time to watch the video, then the rest of the post may not make sense for you)

* When Hollywood got hit, and goes down, that was when the Florida Gators lost to Mississippi State. - (just some more bad news when you are ready for some good news)

* When they reference going through "His" (the Migs) Jet-wash. -- that's like having LSU do a fake field goal with a Bounce Lateral to the kicker. Just crazy that it worked and also that the jet-wash didn't Mess them up all to hell (like a lateral bounce pass to a kicker would not completely cause an F-14 to lose their shit)

* When they talk about " two Migs dead ahead" That is Vandy and South Carolina.

* when they talk about it being 5 migs? and not Four? thats when they are talking about Lattimore. He is not just one Running back, he is a Beast of a running back. (its scary to think about just having to beat South Carolina but South Carolina with Lattimore running the rock.

* When they say " check the guys to the north" that is the fandom talking about the SEC WEST. They are basically saying hey, why the hell do you even want to win the East when you have to face the winner of the west? who for all purposes will kick your ass"

* When they talk about " Not getting a tone" that's the same thing as Gator fandom saying Even if we do get to Atlanta are we going to be able to do anything anyways? "

* when Maverick tells Merlin that he is: " gonna hit the breaks and let them fly right by me" that's the Gator Nation telling the doubters that the WEST can Kiss it. they may have the winner of the east in their sights, but we may just kick their ass in Atlanta for the spite of it.... all about hitting the breaks and letting them fly right bye....


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