Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Where are the Brett Favre will he or wont he stories this summer

Brett Favre laying on the ground holding his head thinking to himself, "I am just getting to damn old to do this shit anymore. This hurts." Seriously, Brett, Don't let this be the end of your career, Get back up off that rug, have that surgery on your ankle and give it another run. At least get yourself in the news saying you dont know yet if you are coming back or not. Its the offseason, and that is part of the fabric of the summer, at least the last couple of summers anyways. ---One day they wont want you anymore, let that be the day that you give it up, for now you are still wanted, you are still Brett Favre.
When Brett Favre is doing that Brett Favre stuff that he does it really is a beautiful thing. At one time he was my favorite Pro QB to watch play, not that I thought he was better then Manning the elder or Brady the GQ model, Just that he played the game with such passion and seemed to be having so much fun doing it.

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