Wednesday, May 26, 2010

An Open Letter to the Tampa Media

Dear Media People.
This is An Open letter to talk radio dudes and Newspaper columnists that are trying to throw a Guilt trip on me about the RAYS attendance woes. Shut the fuck up. I go as much as I can. I Like going to those damn games a whole lot, but when I show up and there are only 10 thousand or so other people also at the game, and you start your rant about how we are not supporting the team, leave me the hell out of it okay.
When there are 10 thousand or so at the game and I was unable to make it, STILL, Leave me the hell out of your rant. I go as much as I can. I also watch a bunch of it on T.V. and I have paid 11 dollars for a single import beer while at the game, (granted it is a 24 oz beverage so that makes it a little more palatable) I have paid 10 bucks to park my car, and I have paid over $100 for three tickets to take my kids. Even bought a $50 shirt so I can style. I support em, and I love em and I am sick of you trying to make me feel guilty because I cant always make it to every freaking game.
Its not always about the money it cost, because sometimes I get the hook up, sometimes its just about having a life as well. 81 home games is a bunch of Baseball. Sometimes I am out of town, sometimes I have other commitments and yes, sometimes its just not a good fit being all the way over in St. Pete. Yes, I might go to even a few more games if they were over here on this side of the bay, but that is not the point. The point is, I am sick of the whining in the media about the poor attendance. Go Lay your Guilt trip on someone else. I am not going to any more games then I am already going to go to with or without your little Rant.
Signed, Bill, ( a guy who will probably go to about 16 games this year or roughly 20% of the home schedule and not feel guilt at all about not making it to more )


Jordi said...

Bill, I like it. But I have to ask, do they actually say "Hey Bill, why don't you go to more games?" Maybe they need to employ the same gimmick done by the Dominoes Pizza folks to find the hold outs.
Signed, Jordi -
Someone else who goes to 20 or so games a year.

Bill From Gainesville said...

Jordi maybe not verbally, but in my mind I feel like I am personally getting called out.

NTF said...

I use to feel the same way when I lived in So Fla and went to Marlins games. The media always made me feel guilty for all the games I missed even though something as trivial as job was standing in my way.

Bill From Gainesville said...

They Can Suck it... (the media and the front office)