Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ponce DeLeon Hotel

Stayed at the Ponce DeLeon Hotel on Saturday Night after the Rays Game. It is right in down town St Pete, next to the Marina, about a mile away from Tropicana Field. It had the whole San Francisco Vibe going on with it. The room I stayed in was tiny, plus the mirrors were set so low you had to scrunch down to see your reflection. It was awesome.


So was that Pizza we ate at Midnight... Drunk Pizza Eating is some of my favorite Pizza Eating in the whole world, except I burned the roof of my mouth, because I was to impatient to wait for that thing to cool down enough before I started sliding it down my Gullet...


We also stumbled into a gay bar and saw a one legged man dressed up like a woman that had a Mohawk. Wish I would have taken a photograph of that dude.

The Ponce DeLeon Hotel is the hotel of choice for all your Saturday Night Rays Game and Bar hopping experiences.

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