Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What I have been up to, the quick version

Jimmy Buffet on Saturday April 24th, --Bought myself two new pillows on Sunday April 25th, Tuesday the 27th, I went to a Rays game (they won) April 28th, played softball (we lost), April 29th went to a Rays Game, (they won), April 30th drove to Gainesville to get my kids, went to an Arcade, My son finally beat me at Air Hockey (first time that ever happened) Saturday May 1rst, went to my sons football game (they won), drove to Adventure Island in Tampa, rode some slides, jumped off some fake cliff things, bought year passes, went to a Rays Game later that evening, (they Lost) watched ZZ Top perform afterwards (love two of their songs more than the others ---"Sharp Dressed Man" and "Legs") Sunday May 2nd, drove back to Gainesville to drop off my kids and then back to Tampa. Monday May 3rd, Had a board meeting and then a board dinner afterwards,--- Wednesday May 5th, played Softball (we lost --AGAIN)
Funny things that happened ... Playing New ball at the Rays game on Thursday -- we got everyone all around us to join in...(everyone puts in a dollar and you pass the money to the next person every time a new ball is introduced to the ball game, at the end of the half inning, whoever is holding the money keeps it)
A heavy set lady got stuck by the side of the pool at Adventure Island (probably 5'3" and 300 lbs plus) -- she literally could not get up... Just before I couldn't stand it anymore, and was getting ready to go help her, someone else did. My Daughter begging me to help her, --- my Son begging me not to (he was worried it would be to embarrassing for her) ME to my son: -- Don't you think its embarrassing enough that she is stuck on the ground and can't get up by herself? -- My SON: DAD DON'T HELP HER -- My Daughter: DAD, GO HELP THAT LADY GET UP...
My Son at the ZZ Top Concert: -- Dad, who knew old guys could Rock?
Lots of living going on in the past week or so ..


your psycho ex-girlfriend said...

omg i know i should not laugh but..... oh god please do not let me be that woman one day.

btw your kids rock, i love that they were concerned about how she would feel not how they would feel. you get a gold star bill!!!!!

woot!!! woot!!!

Bill From Gainesville said...

Psycho -- THANKS! It did touch me a little how it bothered them both so much, My Daughter just worried that the lady needed help getting up and my son worried about how the help might make her feel some shame...Thank God that other lady also observed it all and went over there to help her up so we did not have to do anything but the heavy set lady was still able to get out of the situation!