Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I found a new blog that is basically a hyper blog devoted to "Tim Tebow" the point of this blog is to write about Tim Tebow. Thats what every post is about. Something about Tim Tebow.
The point is to address Hyper Local blogs with the twist that its not about a neighborhood, but about a single person. A very famous person to be sure but every post is about him either directly or indirectly.
I love the guy myself, HUGE TEBOW FAN HERE, and think he is the greatest College Football Player that has ever suited up. Before him, my vote for that honor was a Georgia Bulldog. (Herschel Walker is still the Second Greatest College Football Player of all time) Anyways I Stole this Photograph from that blog and he evidently stole it from LSU FREAK. The link is www.timteblog.com

Tebow is All about being Above and Beyond, He makes Promises that get written up on metal and placed on Huge Ass Football facilities of Big time Football stadiums WHILE HE IS STILL PLAYING THE GAME. He gets himself put in the Ring of Honor while he is still PLAYING FOOTBALL IN THAT STADIUM! Seriously, the stadium that he plays his home games in, has a tribute to him. He is up there with Weurffel, Spurrier, Emmit, Youngblood and Wilbur. None of these guys ever got up their WHILE THEY WERE PLAYING. Other than Spurrier, all of them were actually done playing Football when they were honored. Spurrier still Coaches and was doing that when he got in but he is like a peanut shell of himself compared to when he was reaking havock in the SEC, Now he just occassionally upsets an SEC team. He is just a shell of who he used to be when he was at FLORIDA.
Tebow Saves Third World Children's lives in the offseason, or at the very least their foreskins on their Penises, and he is the only person in the world that can wear "Crocs" and make them look good. He is just badass! and this picture speaks the truth, even though it is doctored by LSU Freak and doesn't really exist anywhere.


NTF said...

You are not gonna start stalking the man are you?

Native Minnow said...

So, is there anyone in the south who doesn't worship Tim Tebow? Just curious.

Bill From Gainesville said...

NTF-- No stalking here
MINNOW-- Amazingly enough In the South, Tebow is alot like the New York Yankees. Either love em or hate on him. NOT a whole bunch of in-between.

big House number one fan said...

wow i love this i agree with that you think tebow is bad ass lol funny picture.