Saturday, July 25, 2009

The tailgate is getting underway

I dub this the Year of the Florida Gator -- My goodness that love fest at the SEC media days in Hoover Alabama for Tebow was quite the display. Cannot wait for the season to unfold.
What about Spurrier admitting he did not vote Tebow as the Pre-Season All SEC QB? Then he threw an unnamed assistant under the bus, saying that someone filled it out and he just signed it without looking at it and that it was a mistake? Huge fan of the Spurr dog but PLEASE take the responsibility for YOUR own vote.
Football season is almost here. In fact I consider it as having arrived. SEC Media days is to the season like the tailgate before an individual game. If Football Season has a 3:30 CBS kickoff, right now its 10:30 in the morning and we are grilling the burgers, sipping on the cold ones and someone is trying to get the satellite T.V. set up underneath the tent.


your psycho ex-girlfriend said...

where the hell is my comment i left here 2 days ago?

someone will die for this!

your psycho ex-girlfriend said...

where are you? and why did you not ask for my permission to take a leave of absence from the bloggyworld?

NTF said...

Pass me a crown and coke.

The Charming Hedonist said...

Come on, Bill, it's almost like you're baiting me:

Of course ol' Stevie boy didn't vote for Timmy. But, he did make the vote for the kid who jumped ship from Florida after finding out that Timmy was going to UF. Nice. Not to mention his classiest move, blaming the assistant while saying "I take full responsibilitly."

First rule of business, you NEVER blame the assistant, even if it's their fault. My assistant screws up all the time, but I don't point the finger.

I give Spurrier two up. They're not thumbs, but there's still two of them ;)

your psycho ex-girlfriend said...

i am having withdrawals bill!!

come back to me please!