Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Just some random thoughts

Running off at the blog post.
- Of all the recent celebrity deaths, I feel saddest about Farrah and Steve McNair.
- I think Steve McNair was a hall of fame caliber QB although I can appreciate the argument that he was only really good, and not HOF material -- Dude used to play with a bruised sternum though...My main argument is that he was better then Warren Moon and Warren Moon is in
- Our legal system is a flawed screwed up mess, but I assume it is better then lots of other countries
- The IRS is a scary ass dragon with really bad breath
- had the draft order picked in the big Fantasy league that I play in today. 7th pick in the first round, in a one man keeper league, at least I get to keep Adrian Peterson - after the 9 other guys keep "their" guy, in theory, my first pick would be the 17th best player in the league. Who is the 17th best player in the league, fantasy football wise? Larry Fitzgerald? Marcus Colston?
-I think about football waaayyyyy to much
-My work is doing a charity event that includes a bowling portion but it falls on September 19th. Pretty sure I am going to be in Gainesville on that day to watch the blowout of Lane Kiffins Volunteers. I got some pressure to do both on the assumption that it will be a night game while the bowling is around noon.
- Bernie Kosar filed for bankruptcy this past Friday. Dan Lebatard wrote a really good article about him today ---
- I dont allow myself to play Golf Near enough.
- Last time I played Golf was prior to the U.S. Open and Gary Koch was walking through the clubhouse when we were bullshitting after the round
-My cell phone battery is on the fritz and I lose the charge way to soon. I should just cancel it and start using my new phone but so far it has not been worth the hassle - My daughters phone is on the same plan
I have not been up to blogging lately with all the bullshit going on in my life and I actually feel kind of down about that.
Update: -- after I posted this, the guy who had Fitzgerald last year selected him as a Keeper, Guess he may be better then the 17th overall player in the League Fantasy wise


Brian in Mpls said...

The IRS has some really sharp teeth too

Bill From Gainesville said...

Brian in MPLS --So far I have only heard tell of their teeth, but they are Baring them at me right now. Dont think They will bite me because I think my arrangement is doable.

Native Minnow said...

I can't believe it's almost fantasy football season again. How cool!